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Not one of them, the critics, think to call it what it purports itself to be: Another Testament of Jesus Christ! The Book of Mormon is the word of God.

There are people on the web who will endeavor to prove the ancient writings of American prophets are not fit for the world to read! They insist that the book is a work of the imagination of a young boy. When that is disproved they, the critics, insist that the young man, Joseph Smith Junior who translated the plates that became the book stole the story from a contemporary of his in age only, Spalding Manuscript fiasco.

When that is debunked they say he copied pages from the Bible and changed the names. When that is unraveled they call it inspired allegory or an extremely long proverb.

Well, it is true. The book is a wealth of truth.

It is a force for Christ and a powerful teacher of men and women who are humble and willing to KNOW God. Limit yourself with knowing about God if you reject the book. You will never know God as much as you will if you accept all of His words.


And get this. There are more records filled with the word of God other than The Book of Mormon! If you haven't already read and prayed about this book, you are already behind in the Word of GOD revealed to humankind.

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The African Heritage of The Book of Mormon The obvious connection to Africa is the language.