Reading about the people in the scriptures sometimes distances the reader from the reality of the people they learn about. 

In other words, a person may forget that these people lived--cried, laughed, bled, danced, etc.... 

Prophets like Nephi or faithful women like Abish become mere characters in a story instead of real people in history. Here are listed links to the actual person, Mormon,  of the Book of Mormon that Rodric Johnson wrote about to highlight his existence.

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How could He be Mormon AND Christian? - Mormon was a philosopher and literary genius. Following will be a brief look into the life of Mormon, the most famous Mormon in the world.

Leading the Spiritually Dead - In the failing moral environment, Mormon receives exception from God. Mormon describes how he received visitations of the spirit and acknowledgment of heaven to soothe him in his jaded culture.

Chief Captain Mormon: Leader of Integrity and Honor - The narrow path that Mormon walked could not include the swearing upon sacred things. He retired his general’s regalia at the Narrow Neck of Land. It was a symbolic statement. 

CUMORAH, THE LAST STAND - When the Nephites took it upon themselves to attack the Lamanites out of vengeance, it nullified their contract with God.