Villains of the Gold Plates

From the very beginning of the record, the Book of Mormon referred to here as the Gold Plates, has had no small number of villains to strive against. Laban, Laman, Lemuel, Sherem and others inspire fear in the hearts of those whom they encountered and those who read about them. These people create fear in the hearts of readers not because they are villains and could inflict pain, but fear of what they represent: the capacity of men to fall from the grace of God and lack of desire to progress towards the light.

Satan, just like Jesus has his representatives on the earth who do extraordinary feats for their master. Sadly, the villains do not always know for whom they are working in their endeavors to reach their goals. Laban wanted to obtain more riches. Laman and Lemuel wanted to rule as the rightful heir to their father after his death. Sherem wanted to convince his people that Jesus was not a logical possibility in which to believe. In their goals, these people were misguided and uninformed, but yet they pursued them tenaciously. One lesson that Satan and his followers can teach is persistence.

Amalickiah the Ruthless - Amalickiah was a cruel and ruthless king, but he was the model of persistence. He wanted a throne by any means possible!

Did you hear the one about Korihor? - Korihor had a talent for speaking. For whatever reason he decided to interfere with the faith of his fellow countrymen, he knew what to say and how to say it to gain acolytes.

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