Leaders of Promise

Great leaders of the scriptures come in all sizes. Not all of them are as noteworthy as Nephi or Moses having entire cultures based on their name or a religion based on their teachings. Some of these leaders in the Book of Mormon are simple people with extraordinary messages like Amulek, Ammon, Abinadi and more. Here are links to articles about these heroes of righteousness below. Read and discover the historical absolutes of their existences. These people lived in history with feelings and fears that each had to face for the benefit of perpetuating the teachings of God that they loved.

Abinadi: A Type/Shadow of Christ's Life - Abinadi. like John the Baptist, was a forerunner of Christ. His purpose was to prepare the way before the coming of Messiah. His purpose was to prime the people to receive their King

The Spy Who Became King: Zeniff - Though a minor contributor to the record at large, Zeniff's decisions provided the cultural context from which great men rose to power and shaped Nephite society.