I, Refugee: Trapped In Utah

I, Refugee is not Only about inspiring readers with some heroic tale of triumph. It's about revealing how misconceptions can make a man an outcast in his mind--separating him from the reality of all that is good around him. Read and enjoy.

Part One: I, Refugee: Black Mountains. We are about to take a journey into my mind together. brace yourself. 

Part Two: I Refugee: Family Division. Just in case you missed it, we were in Utah driving to Salt Lake City to attend a church conference that we have every six months. Usually, we watch it on TV but we wanted to be ambitious and attend this time.

Part Three: I, Refugee: The Devil in My Heart.  See how I, an LDS Christian experience trials while stuck in Utah. LDS are normal people with normal problems. 

Part Four: I, Refugee: Disquieting Accolades. Instead of letting myself be the hero of my life story, I had alienated myself emotionally from those around me who could help me because I did not want to appear like the invalid I was.

Part Five: I, Refugee: Leave to Beaver. Learning a lesson should come easy. Unfortunately, we don't tend to like easy much. I mean, us you and me. I know I can speak for me, but I am going to assume that you go through the same things and speak for you. So, we were in Utah as a family up from Phoenix.

Part Six: I, Refugee: The Rocki Angel. The rock as referred to in this title is not a wrestler/actor named Dewayne Johnson...

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